• Electrical Steel Stamping and Aluminium Die-Cast components specialists !

Our Capabilities

Pin point focusAt Engineering

Our team of experienced professionals along with state of the art infrastructure helps to undertake various processes and gives us the benefit of successfully executing even the most complex lamination projects. Pauhaariji is known for its customized services and the perfection in every project that it undertakes. Our presence since the last 13 years has given us the opportunity to learn & share the knowledge to provide customized solution to each customer's need.

High SpeedPress Lines

Our range of high speed presses enables us to manufacture different sizes of laminations within the stipulated time with superior finish.

We have four high speed press lines from 80 ton, 100 ton, 200 ton, 315 ton.

We also have mechanical presses ranging from 20 ton to 75 ton.


We have an extensive in house die casting facility with numerous die casting machines, capable of casting rotors of varied sizes & other aluminium components. These high-tech machines have fast shot cycle and have high quality imported multi-cavity dies.

These precise machines are well integrated with high-tech furnaces which are very closely monitored to ensure high quality molten metal, which translates to both high conductivity and tight control of porosity.

We also use enviornment friendly fuel i.e. wooden biomass pellets reducing our carbon footprint.


Our state-of-art tool room is equipped with all necessary machines for the maintenance and manufacturing of our precise tools used across various processes. Our fleet of progressive tools are taken care extensively the help of our high quality surface grinders, lathe machines etc.